Post Graduate Work Permit and TRV

Post Graduate Work Permit otherwise known as PGWP or simply known as PWP is a form of authority that permits you to remain legally in Canada and work for a particular period of time. The years of validity of your PWP is determined by the years you have spent in school, basically the PWP allows you to stay in the country and put to use the knowledge of education you have acquired over the years into good use, while the PWP qualifies you to stay and work legally in Canada, it does not qualifies you to enter Canada if you exit the country without a temporary resident visa, hence the reason we recommend processing the visa as well for our clients.

There are some few things you need to know about your PWP and one of them is to decide the industry to work smartly! You don't need to worry about this because after processing your PWP and Visa, we shall give you the needed information in getting a job that will enhance your permanent residency with no stress or hassle.

Additional Information:

The assessment fee is USD 30. It is charged to determine your eligibility as we review your submitted profile and give you a personalised professional advice with our charges provided you have a workable profile, the assessment fee is payable online and the fee is non-refundable.

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