Our Unique Specialty and Methodology

We use highly skilled methodology to achieve a maximum level of success, we are proud to say anywhere that our success rate is over 95% without repentance, we major in what we do and that is why we major only in Canada visa. We technically analyses collected data during the assessment stage to determine applicant profile and see how we can professionally work with applicants with genuine intent and ofcourse backed up with financial strong will, we don't work for people with ulterior motive hence we are not shy to say we don't work for hustlers.
Our assessment fee is NGN 10,000.00k (Ten Thousand Naira Only) payable as you're submitting your assessment and it's wiser to pay such meager amount to have access to professional yet personalized educational career from affordable schools that suits your career as you migrate to Canada than to pay huge sum for rogue agents who gives you false hope from the scratch and ended messing up your profile. Some of these agents/agencies are also currently circulating the sales of eBooks on how to migrate to Canada on social media, just be careful as you apply those tricks, submitting fraudulent documents such as statement of accounts etc. will most definitely secure you a ban from the embassy and might land you in jail should the bank decides to have fun with you over a case of forgery!

Delivery Status

We only give an estimated time based on our experience, this estimated time can be more or lesser than the real deliver time; hence we time the school calendar and give maximum time to apply ahead for admission and visa so as to achieve having visa approved for up to 60 days before the school commences, we also advice our clients to travel 2 – 3 weeks before their studies commences so as to acclimatize with their new environment. On a more specific note, we don't have power to decide the duration the application takes either at the school (admission) or at the embassy (visa).

Major Account or Clients

Our major concentrations are fresh graduate of private and public tertiary institutions and secondary schools, on a wider scope, since travelling itself is a luxury, we focus more on clients whose parents knows the quality of Canadian education and can afford it for their wards while we stand in gap to represent their interest in securing the admission, visa and mentor them till they achieve theireducational/career goals.
We are committed to raise Nigerians who will go and study in Canada and be the best in their professional career and make Nigeria proud, not those who will obtain the study permit and neglect their studies as soon as they get to Canada just to become reprobates as they give Nigeria a bad image and reputation.

What Makes Us Different?

We just don't work hard; we work smart, extend our network, think things over each applicant's profile and deliver what we promise.

We always go beyond the expectation of our client.

We provide our clients the best value at an affordable price.

We never make any false commitment and don't charge any hidden cost.

We care for our clients by attending to them whenever and wherever required.

We learn from our customers review and address complains through innovative techniques

Mission Statement

Our services is not just a means to travel out of Nigeria, we focus on mentoring younger generations, the potential future leaders of tomorrow as they travel for their further studies in Canada and prepare them for the future in areas that will make them relevant among their peers, community and the country at large.

Vision Statement

We are committed to provide our clients whose genuine interest is to study and backed up with financial will an affordable yet personalized assessment to achieve their education and career goal in Canada.
Though we have been around for a while, providing excellent service and grooming young buddies, our vision still remains becoming a global icon in travelling industry, making iFly2Canada Travels and Tours to be the best choice for Nigerians and other African counterpart to move in and out of Canada, do business with Canadians and Canadian government, using us as a platform to connect with Canadian opportunity irrespective of their status. Our prime motive goes beyond attaching wings to the dreams of our clients but mentor the younger ones on how to stay focus and positive with their dream in a foreign land where there are no parents or families.


Our Core Values

To give every customer, partners and employee the power to create and share ideas and information instantly without barriers.

We embrace our responsibilities to promote eco-tourism.

To sell our products and services at a reasonable profit keeping in mind the best satisfaction of the customers.

To create a name, brand and identity in travels and tour world such as when any Nigerian or African thinks of travelling to Canada at any time or anywhere, our name comes to their mind for diverse services such as visa, flight ticket booking, hotel reservation etc.