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In the world of travels and tours today, there are 2 sets of people (freelancers) who are taking advantage of people with Live and Work in Canada or the permanent resident visa. The first set of freelancers are the ones who were fortunate to secure a visa to Canada either as an international student or visitor, you see them showing you a clear background in their video and sometimes they tell you the name of their current location from where they will introduce to you about their untapped route to relocate to Canada which does not involves paying a dime to any agent, they will tell you about their seminar which is starting immediately (a pre-recorded video) and finally they tell you to pay a certain amount to secure an eBook and a countdown will pop up to hurry you to buy the eBook or you buy at their normal price if the countdown elapses!

The second sets are the unfortunate ones who couldn't secure a visa but they do almost the same thing with the first set. You see agents in this category mostly inside a vehicle or a location that look foreign but definitely not Canada because they would have mentioned if they are inside Canada, most of the freelancers in this category are not composed, in videos seen so far, they will just quickly say everything they want to say, stress the fact that you don't need to pay any agent. The other set of agents in the second category are those who couldn't face the camera to lure their potential victims so they pick pictures or videos of models from the internet, brand it and start their promotion targeting people who seek this service. There are several pointers that give these people out but only few can see it and the desperate people will still patronise them because they are fed up about the economic situations of their country.

On the 1st of June 2020 when we activated our online services, we came out with about 14 services for Canada and Outside Canada Clients, most of those services centred on education or those who has had education seeking to change their status or wanted to invite friends and families (parent/siblings) etc. and none of those services were/are/was meant for immigrants until now. There are 2 reasons for our actions, one, to mark our territory in the non-immigrant category (Canadian education for international student), for us not to overwork ourselves with too many engagement which could lead to our inefficiency hence the reason we strategically organised our calendar especially on our 2 big projects, The STEM Scholarship and Live and Work in Canada Made Simple with a timeline. So how do we intend to run live and work in Canada? It's easy-peasy!

First, you need to understand how Canada invites skilled workers to live and work in Canada through the Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and acknowledge the following facts that:

  1. Each person has a unique profile and there is no eBook that can provide a solution or work-through pathway for several individuals with their unique profile hence the reason why we at iFlyToCanada cannot provide a free assessment like many agencies does to attract clients, while it’s easier for them because they have a pre-configured assessment which only required them to put your name, we at our end work on your profile and sometimes ask further questions.
  2.  Canada does not run a visa lottery, but meanwhile, they have 3 main streams they uses to bring in professionals into the country, the Express Entry, Federal Skilled Workers and International Experience Canada (IEC is design for international students who has studied in Canada)
  3. With our over 15 years’ of experience in the world of travels and tours with specific interest in Canada, we have assessed what post – covid 19 will look like with respect to how a country like Canada will respond:
    • (A). Canada like every other country has unfortunately lost a quite numbers of professionals especially in medical field who will need replacement to sustain the country.
    • (B). Canada will invest more in education and medical/laboratory research especially in STEM field with more attention to;
    • (C). Technology. Ok, let’s say we are not adequately prepared for Covid 19, can we prepare for something bigger in the nearest future and how can we deploy our technology to rescue or manage the situation?

The skilled worker visa to live and work in Canada consist of multiple stages through the system called “Express Entry”, points are awarded for each stages and candidates with the highest points are invited for visa application. To further understand how the system works, let’s talk briefly about the visa categories.

Federal Skilled Worker Class: In this category, candidates are evaluated on various factors such as work experience and credentials. Aside work experience and credentials, candidates are also evaluated on their age, knowledge of English or French, job offer letter from Canadian employer which adds to candidates points and ties with Canada such as Canadian work experience, previous studies or family in Canada.

Federal Skilled Trade Class: This stream category is for employees with technical professions with at least two years of work experience in the last five years in a job position categorized under the “skilled trade” profession among other criteria.

Canadian Experience Class: This category is specifically for individuals with work experience from Canada, many of our clients (international students) has used this route to secure their permanent residency shortly after having their postgraduate work permit. It requires you to have gained at least one year full time work experience in the last three years with knowledge of English or French.

Provincial Nominee Programs: The provincial Nominee Programs or the PNP’s also belongs to the Express Entry category. Through this category, the province plays a more direct role in the selection of qualified immigrants to respond t the demand within their province.

At the moment, Canada is seeking professionals from all around the world to fill, the job has been categorised for an easy understanding e.g. NOC type 0 jobs are management jobs such as restaurant manager, mine managers, shoreline manager, NOC type A jobs are professional jobs that usually requires degree from the university, examples are doctors, dentists etc., NOC Type B jobs are those technical jobs and skilled trades that usually required college diploma or hand on training as an apprentice such as chef, plumber, electrician etc., NOC type C jobs are immediate jobs that requires high school (secondary school certificate) and/or specific training such as industrial butcher, food and beverage server, truck drivers etc., NOC type D jobs are labour jobs that usually give on the job training such as fruit picker, oil field worker, cleaner etc.

It is not realistic for any firm/agent/agency to say they want to process hundreds of applications on behalf of their clients at a time and a firm like us with spot on testimonies should be expecting thousands of applications if we make such announcement so how do we intend to provide this service?

  1. Create an account on the portal and click on Canada Made Simple.
  2. Submit your profile and confirm that your profession/occupation is among the list of approved occupations then pay a token of NGN 20,000 if you're applying from Nigeria or $60 if you're applying from outside Nigeria.
  3. The payment is a one-time fee for the selected service to have a personalised profile assessment and for a professional to be assigned to your profile.
  4. We have a secured digital online file for every applicant that is managed by professionals and every stages of the application will be securely documented digitally.
  5. Through the dashboard, you will update us with your timeline where our professionals will be waiting to provide necessary support and attend to your queries at no additional fee till you get approved and finally relocate to Canada.

Finally, when you reach Canada, we will not only help you to settle but also support you to integrate with the community by introducing you to our small but growing community, all this at no cost but for one-time assessment fee of NGN 20,000 or $60. Click here to proceed to dashboard and click on “Canada Made Simple” when you get to the dashboard, registration fee is NGN 20,000 or $60 for applicants outside Nigeria.

This is not a visa lottery or a mass migration scheme.

The concept is a point based system from where individuals with highest points are sent invitation to apply document from where applicants can proceed.

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