About iFly2Canada Travels and Tours

Company's History

iFly2Canada Travels and Tours is a child company of Japp Placement Services, a duly registered and established company. We have been in business of travelling and tours over a decade placing international student next to their academic career in one of the world most developed country, Canada. Over the years, the relationship with our clients have grown to become family-like because of their satisfaction in our service delivery and our vast depth of knowledge and experience in mentoring them through their sojourn In Canada to stay legal and build a career which has made their life easier rather than usual when compared our service to others, we set their feet on the lane and mentor them like our siblings because their success is our success and for us to remain in business, they must be successful!

Our clients who were once international students now use us as a means to deliver surprise gifts and presents to their parents who has laboured over them that they may get to where they are a moment that gives us joy and propel us to further confirmed that we're in the centre of our calling in education, travels and tours.

Company's Idea

Our aim is to build solid scholars who will through divers learning from Canada build themselves in different aspect of learning/life and return back to their respective nations to reshape them in divers areas, such as in science, technology, engineering, mathematic, economic policies, philosophy agriculture, telecommunication among others just as in the case of China who rose from very little to something the world now reckon with.

We realised that only the native inhabitant of a nation can create the needed change in their nation, the change achievable only through education.
We aim to partner with the government, corporations, NGOs, philanthropist and businesses in getting quality education to the grassroots and build intelligent scholars who won't only dare to challenge but challenge to win and effect a change that solves problem(s).